Battery Operated Electrostatic Sprayers (Hand Held / Back Pack)

  • £995.00

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Electrostatic Sprayers are currently out of stock globally and will not be available until at least September because they are manufactured in China. As a result, we have been testing a variety of other battery operated backpack sprayers to see if we can find a close alternative that is as effective, easy to use and robust. After weeks of trials and testing, we have finally found one that we believe is as good and much cheaper.

Traditional manual chemical sprayers are inefficient and hard work for the cleaning staff who have to constantly pump them - manually! Is it any wonder cleaning teams often miss disinfecting crucial areas with a manual sprayer? Rather than let your team struggle –  give them the right tool for the job with our new battery operated Electrostatic sprayers!

Electrostatics is the process of adding an electric charge inside liquid droplets when they are sprayed. This makes the droplet electrically stronger than the surface or the item it is treating. Just like magnets, they are drawn to each other - resulting in much more efficient cleaning. 

Key Features

  • Uses 65% less chemical than traditional sprayers, as chemicals bond to surfaces rather than dripping onto the floor!
  • 70% faster application than traditional sprayers, due to being portable and battery operated!
  • Guaranteed to get chemicals into hard to reach areas which normal sprayers can’t!
  • Chemical clings to vertical surfaces ensuring good contact time so the chemical can work!
  • Uses less chemical, quicker application and easily tackles hard to reach areas! 


Hand Held Electrostatic Sprayer for smaller areas.
Back Pack Electrostatic Sprayer for larger areas.

Additional Information & Links

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