Battery Operated Chemical Backpack Sprayer

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Due to the fact that Victory Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers are Out of Stock globally and the fact that we get a high number of Warranty Claims on them, we have spent over 4 weeks testing other alternative battery operated backpack sprayers (not electrostatic) to see if we can find a close alternative that is as effective and easy to use but that is much more robust than the Victory model. 

After trialling 6 different models and making several alteration to them, we finally found one that is as effective and which is much less prone to breaking, making it much more suitable for industrial use.  

We have provided a comparison table and video link below so you can judge for yourselves.  


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This Alternative Sprayer has been modified by Purehold to achieve similar results to the Electrostatic Sprayer in terms of producing a fine spray mist (Circa 110 Microns) that clings to surfaces. We do not believe the modification will negatively impact the performance or life of the product or the Manufacturers Warranty. Always follow the Manufacturers Operating Instructions and ensure the unit is flushed thoroughly with water after each use.