Jet Proof (IP45) Insect Trap / Catcher

  • £349.00

Our range of insect killers have been specifically designed to offer higher catch rates than traditional light traps; and due to their IP45 rating, they can be used safely in food processing areas that are subject to extreme wash-down or damp conditions.

Independent tests have shown that they significantly outperform the competition. Combined with high performance, low running costs and ease of servicing – these really are two of the best insect killers on the market and perfect for all food factories.


  • 180° IP45 Compact Translucent Technology for smaller areas. 
  • 360° IP45 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel for larger areas.
  • non IP45 rated models also available, please call/email for more info.

Glue Boards:

All of our glue boards are HACCP compliant, and contain additional pheromone attractant for flies. 

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