Battery Operated Electrostatic Sprayers (Hand Held / Back Pack)

  • £995.00

** Please CLICK HERE to see the full details on our alternative PureFog Hand-Held ULV Fogger **

We have now discontinued supplying the Victory range of Electrostatic Sprayers due to the huge volume of faults and warranty claims being reported to us by our customers over the past 12 months (see examples listed below)!  

Instead we are now promoting a much more reliable and robust Hand-Held ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Battery Powered Fogger (called PureFog) which can withstand constant daily use and harsh environments.  PureFog has much better ‘coverage’ performance compared to Electrostatic Sprayers due to the ULV fogging effect – meaning the fine mist covers all surfaces quickly and effectively.


The Victory range of Electrostatic Sprayers are highly unreliable and will often break after 3-6 months of use. We have dozens of testimonials from customers on this (see below) and it is why we discontinued the Victory Range of Electrostatic Sprayers in favour of PureFog which is far more reliable and much more robust!


“We purchased two Victory electrostatic units from you back in March 2020 one of the units will not turn off it looks like there’s an issue with the trigger the only way it switches off is when you remove the battery. The unit in questions has only been used 5 times due to the lockdown taking place please can you help”

“We purchased a hand held electrostatic back in March.  We did not require to use it initially, but we did require to use it a couple of weeks ago. It stopped working, we assumed because it had run out of charge. We charged the battery, but it won't spray now. The light comes on, and there's a slight sound from near the battery when we press the trigger, but no liquid comes out. We had been using 5% Hydrogen Peroxide, and wanted to rinse it out with water. I cannot find any guidance on what might be wrong, and how we might fix it.  The machine has only been used less than a handful of times, and is rinsed out with lukewarm water each time”

“I recently bought two victory handheld electrostatic sprayers from you. One of them is spraying from all three nozzles at the same time”

“We cannot get the handheld fogger to wrap liquid around surfaces.  It only sprays onto the front of the objects which is not what was advertised.  We thought electrostatic sprayers should cover the rear of objects.  If we had known they don’t we would not have purchased these and would have purchased a fogger instead”

“We’re having difficulties with one of the machines. The hose connector on the machine itself is very temperamental and regularly leaks and we’re also suffering from loss of power intermittently when in use. We’ve only had it for 4 months so would certainly be expecting more out of it than what we’ve had. “

“One of the battery chargers for our sprayer has stopped working. Once it is plugged in it brings on all the lights and does not change the battery.”

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