PureFog - High Performance, ULV, Hand Held, Battery Powered, Fogger - WAS £950, NOW 20% OFF + FREE 5L BOTTLE of Bioguard Ready-To-Use Surface Disinfectant (proven to kill CORONAVIRUS in under 30 seconds and in dirty conditions) - Offer Expires 31/01/2021

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This product requires Chemical Disinfectant - CLICK HERE to buy our
Bioguard Disinfectant (Proven against MURINE CORONAVIRUS)!
PureFog is a High Performance, Ultra Low Volume (ULV), Hand Held, Battery Powered, Fogger that is perfect for disinfecting both small and large areas. The extremely fine mist it propels, is able to penetrate all areas of the room; ensuring complete coverage.   

Why fog instead of using Electrostatic Sprayers:

There are many reasons to use PureFog instead of Electrostatic Sprayers.

Firstly, Electrostatic Sprayers are highly unreliable and will often break after 3-6 months. We have dozens of testimonials from customers on this and it is why we discontinued the Victory Range of Electrostatic Sprayers in favour of PureFog which is much more reliable (CLICK HERE to read former Victory customers feedback)

Secondly, we believe PureFog has much better ‘coverage’ performance compared to Electrostatic Sprayers due to the ULV fogging effect – meaning the fine mist covers all surfaces. Our testing shows that the Electrostatic “wrapping effect” claims is very limited and you get around 5% coverage on the rear of any surface you are trying to treat – therefore rendering it very ineffective.

Key Features : 

Lightweight - only 2.8kg, making it easy for operators to use for prolonged period
• Robust design 
– can withstand the most harsh environment and constant use
• Ultra Low Volume Mist
- the extremely fine mist produced can deeply penetrate surfaces and hard-to reach areas
• Variable Fogging Volume Control - allows the operator to choose between 5 to 50 microns
Advanced Lithium Ion battery - allows up to 12 tanks to run on a single charge
• Battery Indicator – monitors battery charge, allowing the operator to re-charge when the battery is getting low
• Powerful Motor – can propel fog up to 12.5 meters

Benefits over traditional sprayers:

• Uses 65% less chemical than traditional sprayers, as chemicals bond to surfaces rather than dripping off
• 70% faster application than traditional sprayers, due to being portable and battery operated
• Guaranteed to get chemicals into hard to reach areas which normal sprayers can’t
• Ensures chemical clings to vertical surfaces ensuring good contact time so the chemical can work

Warranty / Money Back Guarantee:

All units come with a 12 month Purehold warranty* so that you can purchase with confidence.  

PPE Requirements:

Always wear suitable protective clothing when using the fogger and disinfectant chemicals. Wear protective gloves with non-slip palms. Wear face protection (e.g. safety goggles). Always wear a breathing mask when using the fogger inside or in confined spaces!


We highly recommend using our Bioguard ready-to-use surface disinfectant because Bioguard are one of the first product suppliers to pass independent testing confirming the products efficacy against MURINE CORONAVIRUS (a surrogate for SARS-COV2/COVID-19) in under 30 seconds and in dirty conditions (Test Report available on request). This test demonstrates the product is fast acting and will not be inactivated in real life environments with high levels of dirt. To order please CLICK HERE

There are a huge array of surface disinfectants on the market at this time but most can only claim product efficacy against simple viruses which are much easier to destroy and which are not surrogates for COVID-19. In addition many products have only been tested in laboratory clean conditions and with longer contact times, which does not give independent reassurance that these products will work fast in real life dirty conditions.


If you are planning to fog chemical disinfectant to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at your site, please ensure you are using a high quality chemical disinfectant that has been independently tested specifically against SARS-CoV-2.  If you are unable to purchase a disinfectant that has been tested to SARS-CoV-2, then make sure you select a disinfectant that has been tested on viruses that are similar to SARS-CoV-2.  A well known one to test against, is the Feline Coronavirus Strain.


QUESTION: How long should we keep the room clear after fogging?
ANSWER: We normally advise around 30 minutes to allow the disinfectant time to completely dry.

QUESTION: Can you fog in rooms with electrical equipment?
ANSWER: Yes, you can fog in areas with electrical equipment. Ensure that the fogging volume control is set to low and ensure you do not  spray the equipment from close range or directly. Instead aim it towards the ceiling at a 45 degree angle so that the “mist” falls down onto the equipment.

QUESTION: What face mask is required?
ANSWER: For small enclosed rooms – we recommend a P3 Respiratory Mask to ensure the Operator does not inhale any droplets whilst using the fogger.

QUESTION: What would be the impact if one was to ingest a small amount of this chemical whilst spraying? 
ANSWER: The Bioguard Disinfectant is non-hazardous and therefore the risk of harm to humans is extremely small (unless they ingest a large amount of neat chemical). 

Additional Information & Links:

Please email sales@purehold.co.uk for more information


*Warranty - Items mentioned but not limited to below are not covered by warranty:

(1) Power cord, batteries, filters or any other components considered as a "consumable part" 
(2) Normal wear and tear
(3) Problems that result, directly or indirectly, from
(3.1) External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse or problems with electrical power supply.
(3.2) Disassembling, servicing or modification not authorized by Purehold
(3.3) Usage that is not accordant with product instructions stated in Owner's Manual
(3.4) Failure to follow the product instructions or lack of necessary maintenance stated in Owner's Manual.

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