Listeria Control and Prevention within Food Factories

Listeria is a huge concern within the food manufacturing industry, because it is notoriously tricky to eradicate in any food factory environment. Listeria is often found on floors, drains, production line equipment and even on the end food product! 

Fortunately, Purehold has two innovative Listeria treatment solutions - both are proven to kill Listeria monocytogenes (L. monocytogenes) and are now successfully used by leading UK manufacturers across various food sectors, from fresh produce to ready to eat meals as additional Listeria control and prevention measures to minimise the risk of any Listeria outbreak in the factory.

If you are getting positive swabs results for Listeria, now is the time to consider trialling one of our two Listeria treatment solutions!



Listeria Disinfection Solution is a non-hazardous and food-safe, ready to use solution, for use in high and low care food factory environments to specifically combat Listeria on surfaces and equipment.

Listeria Disinfection Solution is proven to kill Listeria monocytogenes in
under 30 seconds and in dirty conditions!

And, when coupled with our PureFOG ULV Handheld Foggers,
Listeria has nowhere to hide!




  PhageGuard Listex solution is a 100% organic, food processing aid that can be applied directly to fresh produce (ie. onions, lettuce leaves, broccoli, peppers, etc) and ready to eat products (ie. meats, cheese, rice, pasta etc) as a safe, green solution to kill Listeria that is on the product, without impacting the quality of the product.

Listex has no effect on taste, colour, or smell and as a processing aid, it does not require labelling. It is also harmless to everything but Listeria, so can be used continuously during production without any H&S concerns.

Listex is proven to kill Listeria monocytogenes and achieve a
1-3 log reduction on food.