About Us

Welcome to Purehold, the beating heart of door hygiene solutions!

Our small, close-knit team are passionate about reducing infections and cross contamination - and with door handles/push plates being some of the highest touch points in every building, we envision a day when every door is safe to touch using our innovative range of products.

Purehold was set up by a British inventor in Portsmouth to develop his concept of the Purehold PRO hygienic door handle. Developed in conjunction with National Health Service (NHS) Infection Prevention specialists, the Purehold PRO was originally designed to help improve hand hygiene compliance in hospitals. Since their launch in 2013 - over 1000 Purhold PRO handles have been install around the UK across many industries including cruise ships, hotels, food manufactuing factories, schools, pharmaceutical cleanrooms, care homes, restaurants and even a tattoo studio!

In 2016 we added Magic Water to our range, followed by the addition of the Purehold PULL handle and Purehold PUSH plate in 2017. Today, we are currently developing the Purehold LEVER handle - watch this space for more exciting news coming soon!