Interested in becoming a Purehold distributor? With an excellent margin of over 50%, and ongoing/repeat sales every week (for PRO handle gel refills) and 6 months (for Purehold PULL and LEVER), it’s no wonder these products are the No# 1 choice for all Distributors who want long term revenues rather!

  • Minimum of 50% Margin on all products
  • Significant discounts on bulk orders
  • Repeat orders every 6 and 12 months
  • Full range of products covering every type of door furniture
  • New Product Category  to sell to your customers
  • Worldwide No#1 Best Selling Hygienic Door Handle Range
  • COVID-19 has raised the profile of door handle hygiene

Don’t be tempted selling cheaper “one off” alternatives to your customers – give them the best, and ensure you benefit from repeat orders!

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