PureAir - No fragrance, No chemical, just Purified Air!



Our PureAir units utilise a combination of 5 hygiene technologies, including Ultraviolet, Photocatalytic Oxidation and Targeted Ozone to eliminate unpleasant odours and control harmful bacteria 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. These units are far superior to any other air purification system on the market and are suitable for use in areas of continuous occupation. The unique balance of technology has been tried, tested and refined over many years to ensure the best achievable results with every unit is supplied.

Technical Facts

The air around us contains microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds. Airborne microorganisms can create offensive odours, spread infections and be responsible for the continued growth of mould.  Microorganisms are deposited on surfaces from the air where they continue to grow, magnifying odour issues and the risk of infections.

Standard room cleaning and disinfecting procedures can only offer a temporary solution. As soon as an area is cleaned the airborne microorganisms immediately begin to settle, recolonising the surfaces and increasing the odour and infection problems.

PureAir units use a combination of technologies:

  • Germicidal Irradiation by dual UV light (Ultraviolet) kills microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and mould) by disrupting their DNA and removing their reproductive capabilities.
  • PCO – Photocatalytic Oxidation, UV reacts with our Catalyst (Ti02) to form highly reactive but short-lived oxidising Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) which break down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Dual waveband UV - Interaction of the dual UV wavebands with the TiO2 heterogeneous catalyst both creates and breaks down Oxygen molecules transforming Oxygen into a highly reactive state of Ozone and Superoxide Ions which leave the unit as “Plasma Quatro”.
 Transmitted Technology (Plasma Quatro):
  • Superoxide Ions - The negatively charged Superoxide Ions charge airborne contaminants causing them to cluster together and fall from the air as they become too heavy, aiding all other processes. This can remove airborne particulates down to 0.0001 microns, that’s better than any HEPA filter.
  • Targeted Ozone - produced via the specialist lamp gets the hardest to the hardest to reach areas breaking down contamination in the air and on exposed surfaces. Ozone damages the cell wall of microorganisms stopping reproduction and destroying the cell.

Benefits of using PureAir

  • Eliminates the source of the smell rather than masking it with fragrances
  • Can be used in continually occupied spaces (unlike some small ozone air purifiers)
  • Can be used in food factories where fragrances are not allowed
  • Circulate fresh clean air 24/7
  • Removes unhealthy microbes from the air
  • Makes every room smell freshly cleaned
  • Maintains sanitised surfaces
  • Stops mould and fungi growth
  • Range of sizes to suit your room size and purpose
  • Easy to install on the ceiling or wall

    Suitable Areas

    • Boot rooms
    • Changing rooms
    • Canteens
    • Corridors
    • Toilets

      Sites Using PureAir Technology

      Food Factories using them include 2 Sisters, Greencore, Bakkavor, Morrisons and Barber's Ford Farms just to mention a few.

        Which PureAir unit is right for my site?

        In order to work out which size unit you require for your site, we need to know a few important pieces of information from you, such as

        1) which room you want to use them in?
        2) what is the size of the room in m2 (meters squared)?

        Once we know this we can quote you to purchase or lease purchase a unit.  

        Want to trial?

        We know most companies can’t introduce new technology without trialling it first. As such we offer all food factories a chance to trial the technology. Please contact us and one of our experts will run you through the information we require to arrange a trial at your site. 


        Available to either purchase outright, or prefer to try before you commit? 2 month trial rentals available!


        Additional Information & Questions

        We are here to help so if you have any questions please contact us. There’s no hard sale or pressure – we simply want to answer any questions you have! You can then go back to your team and present the information and see if PureAir is something your site wants to trial.