Scientists confirm that Coronavirus can survive on door handles for up to nine days!

Scientists have finally discover why the Wuhan strain of coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2) is spreading so rapidly – it can survive on door handles for up to 9 days, more than four times longer than the flu virus.

Chief medical officer for the UK Government, Professor Chris Whitty, recently confirmed that people can catch COVID-19 by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their face.   He also stated that coronavirus may stay contagious on hard metal or plastic surfaces like door handles for up to 72 hours, with other scientific research showing it can survive on door handles for up to 9 days



A study by microbiologist Charles Gerba from University of Arizona found that a virus on a single door handle can help spread a virus throughout a building in just a few hours!

“We found out that, within four hours, over half the commonly touched surfaces had the virus on it, and half the people in the office building had the virus on their hands”.

He also went on to say

“What we really learned is that the hand is quicker than a sneeze in the spread of disease”

Given this wealth of research indicating that door handles are a common source of cross-contamination and aid the spread of Coronavirus (and other infections such as the common cold and Influenza (flu)), it’s more important than ever to minimise the risk from these touch points! 

Fortunately Purehold’s range of hygienic door handle solutions can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses and should be encouraged in all public buildings (i.e. Hospitals, Schools, GP surgeries, Food Factories, Care Homes, Cruise Ships, office etc) to help make them COVID-secure and reduce the risk for all users.


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