In Use





“We had our Tesco Technical Manager on site today and she saw the units for the first time and was very impressed" – Technical Manager, Warrington

 “The site is only talking about one thing this morning - all good feed back on the handle”  - Technical Manager, Northampton



“All swab tests are coming back showing great improvement, fantastic…” – Quality Manager, Five Star Fish

“The visitors we have had such as Tesco/M&S have been mega impressed so our head of operations has informed me” –  Hygiene Manager, Grimsby

“The senior technical manager for all 2 sisters was very impressed and I have forwarded him your details as he would like to have them in other Sites” –  Quality Manager, 2SFG

“We have had real positive response from people on site – Quality Manager, 2SFG



“from what I seen they are well accepted and our visitors really like them” - Technical Manager, ABP Meats



“I like them very much, and haven’t heard any negative comments.  So yes, would certainly be interested in implementing these handles on several locations in our factory (several in our SU, and probably several in Norwich)”  Quality Manager, Unilever



“they are brilliant, working fine and still impress all of our visitors/auditors. We are very happy to have them”  –  Food Technologist (Quality Assurance), Fosters Bakery



“I think the product is fab and as discussed is something for us to look at early next year in line with our new build” – Technical Manager, Wensleydale Creamery


“The feedback from our employees has been positive and customer technologists have been impressed.”- Colin Slater, Technical Director at Ardo UK

"The handles are a great way to use new technology to ensure a high level of cleanliness is consistently achieved in the factory.” Jim Everest, Operations Director at Ardo UK

The Ardo UK installation has received a great deal of press attention. Click here to read an article in Cleaning Matters magazine and here to view coverage in Food Manufacture Magazine. 




Whittlebury Hall Conference, Training Centre, Hotel and Spa

“I first saw the Purehold PRO hygienic door handle units whilst on a site visit to a national food manufacturing plant and instantly thought they were a great idea".

The added hygiene implications to a food operation area clear and the install was quick and easy and with no disruption to our business. Suppliers and visitors to our kitchens have been interested and impressed with the handles and we have seen a reduction in staff absence from colds and flu-like symptoms as a result of the install.” Craig Rose, Executive Head Chef, Whittlebury Hall Conference, Training Centre, Hotel and Spa

Click here to see an article on the installation of Purehold PRO Hygienic Door Handles at Whittlebury Hall in The Cleanzine!



Derek Butler - Chairman - MRSA Action UK

“As the Chair of the patient charity MRSA Action UK hand hygiene is the basics of good infection prevention and control and the “Purehold PRO” door handle will help everyone from medical staff, visitors and patients to get to grips with good hand hygiene compliance and help save lives” 



Tim Butcher - Broadcaster - BBC Radio Solent

"What a truly excellent idea!"

(Aired on Saturday 6th October 2012, Tim Butcher reporting from the QA Hospital, Portsmouth Open Day on The Saturday Breakfast Show with Sasha Twining)


Matt Richardson - Senior Infection Prevention Nurse - Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

"What people may not realise is that potentially harmful bacteria exist everywhere, even in the community.  When we are healthy our immune systems help protect us but it is hugely important that we find ways to stop these bugs getting into hospital wards where there are vulnerable patients. The Purehold PRO Hygiene Handle is a truly exciting development in the field of infection prevention. The original concept, thoughtful design and simple accessibility and ease of use will provide an extremely useful tool for improving hand-hygiene compliance in any institution"   


Karen Davis-Blues - Infection Prevention Nurse - Royal Hampshire County Hospitals, Winchester

"We have had really positive feedback on the Purehold PRO Hygiene Handle from hospital staff and visitors. I would like to see them installed on the entrance to every ward" 



John Swanson - Infection Control Nurse - UCLH NHS Foundation Trust, London

"The visitors thought it was great!! A big thumbs up!!"


Click here to read an article about this installation in Building Better Healthcare!



Ann Higgins - Assistant Director of Nursing Infection Control - Mater Private Hospital, Dublin

“The Mater Private is already highly proactive in the area of infection prevention and control.  The hospital operates a ‘search and destroy’ programme for the eradication of MRSA and other infections.  Unlike the static, wall-mounted dispensers, which people can miss, the Purehold PRO Hygiene Handle does not require people to make a conscious decision about cleaning their hands.”



Karen Wares - Local Health Board Co-ordinator - NHS Grampian, Scotland

“NHS Grampian is already highly proactive in the area of infection prevention and control. Hand hygiene is a crucially important part of infection prevention and control and we have an established rigorous training and audit programme in place which is mandatory for all our staff. The trial of new Purehold PRO Hygiene Handle, in Dr Gray’s Hospital, affords us the opportunity to trial something new and innovative in hand hygiene which, it is anticipated, will continue to support the hand hygiene systems already in place.”

Julie Stewart - Infection Prevention and Control Nurse - NHS Grampian, Scotland

“Unlike static wall mounted dispensers, the Hygiene Handle requires people to make an active decision if they want to 'opt-out' of cleaning their hands, as they open a door. The Purehold PRO Hygiene Handle is a novel way of raising awareness to staff, patients and visitors regarding the need for clean hands.”



All of the following references are happy to discuss their involvement with the Purehold PRO Hygiene Handle evaluation programme :

Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

  • Dr C Mitchell PhD - Consultant Clinical Scientist / Infection Prevention & Control Team
  • Matthew Richardson - Senior Infection Prevention Nurse

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Maurice Madeo - Deputy Director Infection Prevention & Control / IPC lead

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Karen Davis-Blues - Infection Prevention & Control Nurse

Mater Private Hospital, Dublin 

  • Ann Higgins - Assistant Director of Nursing Infection Control