Hygienic Antimicrobial Door Handle Products

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) ON DOOR HANDLES - Scientists have confirmed that Coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on door handles for up to NINE DAYS. As a result, there’s never been a better time to install the Purehold range of hygienic door handles at your site, to help reduce the risk and spread of Coronavirus between door users. 

Our Purehold PRO gel-dispensing door handles use our virucidal gel (tested to EN14476) that has 80% alcohol content and that has been proven against viruses similar to Coronavirus (COVID-19), including Murine Norovirus, Adno virus and Polio virus.

Our Purehold Antibacterial Range of door handle covers use Silver Ion technology which has been tested and proven to kill Human Coronavirus, Vaccinia Virus* and the H1N1 virus (tested to BS ISO Certified to ISO 22196 & ISO 21702).  We have conducted more testing than any other antimicrobial door hygiene company which is why we remain the original and best solution to protect your doors and push plates.  *Vaccinia Virus is one of the hardest viruses to destroy using a biocide.