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Ozone is a powerful oxidising agent which, when dissolved in water, produces a broad spectrum biocide called Ozonated Water that destroys all bacteria, viruses and bio-films.  Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent permitted for use at this time (only fluorine is stronger but its use is banned in most countries).  Although it’s classified as a Biocide, it’s completely natural, environmentally friendly and leaves no chemical residue (unlike most Biocides), meaning it’s suitable for all food production and processing facilities, including organic sites.

Technical Facts

As an oxidising agent, Ozonated Water is 51% stronger than chlorine and has a kill rate of 3.125 times faster. Ozone owes its biocidal effectiveness to its ability to oxidise organic material in bacterial membranes, which weakens the cell wall and leads to cell rupture causing immediate death of the cell.

In contrast, chlorine, and all other oxidising and non-oxidising biocides, must be transported across the cell membrane in order to interfere with either the nuclear reproductive mechanism or various enzymatic life giving reactions in the cell, in either event resulting in substantially less biocidal efficiency.

For this reason, ozone is capable of destroying all bacteria, algae and biofilms with no risk of resistance build up or immunity. Ozone also remains effective over a wide pH range.

Why switch to Ozonated Water?

  • Powerful Biocide - Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent permitted for use at this time. As an oxidising agent it is 51% stronger than chlorine and has a kill rate of 3.125 times faster.
  • Saves space and money - there is no need to buy and store large amounts of expensive chemical disinfectants/sanitisers because the Ozone generator produces the Ozonated water itself.
  • Does not generate resistant bacteria like some traditional chemicals can, making it ideal for long term use. It is Impossible for a microorganism to build up any resistance to oxidation
  • Leaves no residue - Ozone degrades back to oxygen and water
  • Environmentally friendly - Unlike traditional sanitisers, Ozone is environmentally friendly and degrades to Oxygen. 
    • No pollutants are created - Ozone degrades to Oxygen
    • Any waste water produced is safe to enter waterways and surface drains - there is no need for a foul sewer
    • Waste water can be used in other grey water applications - saving water top up from other sources
    • No chemical manufacture is required therefore reducing transport and eliminating the need for chemical drums
    • Immediate elimination of risk of running out of chemical stock and delivery complications
  • Use directly - Can be sprayed directly on floors, drains, walls, wettable equipment, tanks (externally and internally), and clean rooms over time, the use of ozonated water removes and/or prevents biofilm
  • Proven - US EPA validate ozone’s efficacy as a sanitizer for surfaces, including processing equipment that come into contact with food.


Ozonated water is typically used to

  • Wash down fresh produce to remove microbes
  • Disinfecting factory surfaces and equipment during deep clean (in place of traditional sanitiser

UK Food Factory Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from many UK factories that have successfully tested the technology:

  1. “The testing has gone well and in most instances removed Listeria after use” 
    Hygiene Manager, Major Snack Food Manufacturer
  2. “Great results from the line running Ozone. This will support my Listeria project meeting with the MD today”
    Quality Assurance Compliance Lead, Major Cheese Manufacturer
  3. In the ingredient chiller we have had clear results from that chiller for the last few weeks since running the machine every week in that area”
    QA Manager, Major Convenience Food Manufacturer
  4. “Following your training, our H&S manager is now happy with us to use Ozone on site”
    Hygiene Manager, Major Produce Supplier

Which Ozone unit is right for my site?

In order to work out which size Ozonated Water generator you require for your site, we need to know a few important pieces of information from you, such as the application process and volume of water you require. Please contact us and one of our experts will run you through the information we require. 

Want to trial?

We know most companies can’t introduce a new chemical such as Ozonated Water without trialling it first. As such we offer all food factories a chance to trial the technology. Please contact us and one of our experts will run you through the information we require to arrange a trial at your site.


Available to either purchase outright, or prefer to try before you commit? 2 month trial rentals available!


Ozonated Gas

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Additional Information & Questions

We are here to help so if you have any questions please contact us. There’s no hard sale or pressure – we simply want to answer any questions you have! You can then go back to your team and present the information and see if Ozone is something your site wants to trial.




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